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Playing with Noel

The Boys got to spend some fun time with their cousin Noel.





Castle visit

We visited a (sort of) castle while we were in Philly, if you ignore the Philly hats (!), it was a pretty cool visit.











Nanna and Nonno Visit

Nanna and Nonno spent the night to help out Daddy while Mommy was away at Katie’s funeral and we had a blast at Benihana’s.


We lost our beloved Katie last night to her long battle with brain cancer.  I’ve said it many times, but no one, not even Mommy & Daddy, could get into certain corners of our boys hearts like Katie.  We got the honor to be with her the night before she died and tell her good bye.  You could have heard a pin drop when Deric said “I hope you have fun in heaven Katie, we love you!”  And as she lay motionless, everyone knew that she heard him and it was the most perfect moment we could have asked for.

Heaven gained the most beautiful angel ever today, so we should be rejoicing in her happiness and not our own sorrow.

Way, way too many memories to write here over the past 15 years that I’ve know you, but these are some of my favorites that we’ll relive with our boys forever:

  • Dave & Busters visits
  • Our onion tainted fruit salad
  • Our time at the Impala
  • Bradley latching onto you for dear life when you would say that you had to go home
  • Introducing us to our first Wawa milkshake
  • Your face when you saw the boys at your graduation party
  • Going grocery shopping with you
  • Telling us why you didn’t use Facebook when you were 14
  • Taking you inside when you’d come to visit because all the local boys would happen to be walking past our house for some reason
  • Making our boys feel like they were the center of your universe – because you were theirs

We all love you more than you could have ever imagined Katie, fly high and we’ll see you again!


Bring it on world!

Together, I know my boys can take on anything that life will throw their way.


2014 Champs!!!

We managed to turn this rag tag bunch of boys into District Champions!!  What an awesome year with an awesome bunch of kids.  It was amazing to see the improvements they all made week after week.  After losing our first four games of the year, we went into the playoffs as underdogs and came out champs.  Deric was Bradley’s #1 fan and helped him carry his bag back and forth (which was bigger than him).






Fred at Bradley’s Game

Daddy couldn’t ask for a better business partner than Mr. Fred – he and Margie even took time out of their busy day one Saturday to come watch Bradley play ball.  It meant a lot to me and even more to Bradley.


Deric & Cookie


Allison’s Surprise Visit

Guess who showed up at Bradley’s baseball game??  Allison!!  What an awesome surprise.  We are definitely going to start hanging out more with her – the boys loved seeing her and we got some free basketball lessons, and we taught her a thing or two about BeyBlade and the secret stash of baseball cards that Deric has in his bed!!

IMG_7886 IMG_7895 IMG_7901 IMG_7909


Deric’s First T-Ball Game

Deric finally had his big game – he did great and his Big Brother was there to cheer him on.

IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7585 IMG_7630 IMG_7637

Deric’s Preschool Graduation

Two awesome pictures from D’s graduation.  You’re on your way buddy and we’re insanely proud of you!!

Preschool1 Preschool2