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2014 Champs!!!

We managed to turn this rag tag bunch of boys into District Champions!!  What an awesome year with an awesome bunch of kids.  It was amazing to see the improvements they all made week after week.  After losing our first four games of the year, we went into the playoffs as underdogs and came out champs.  Deric was Bradley’s #1 fan and helped him carry his bag back and forth (which was bigger than him).






Fred at Bradley’s Game

Daddy couldn’t ask for a better business partner than Mr. Fred – he and Margie even took time out of their busy day one Saturday to come watch Bradley play ball.  It meant a lot to me and even more to Bradley.


Deric & Cookie


Allison’s Surprise Visit

Guess who showed up at Bradley’s baseball game??  Allison!!  What an awesome surprise.  We are definitely going to start hanging out more with her – the boys loved seeing her and we got some free basketball lessons, and we taught her a thing or two about BeyBlade and the secret stash of baseball cards that Deric has in his bed!!

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