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Bradley’s art side

B went to a cool birthday party where they painted a picture – here is his lion.


First time pitching

Bradley is almost 2-years away from being old enough to play ‘kid pitch’, but a coach in that league liked what he saw, so he called Bradley up to play because one of his players was sick (note that he doesn’t even have a uniform).  He liked him so much, he let him pitch – against kids 3-years older them him!!

He pitched one inning, struck out one and didn’t allow any runs – the only inning a run wasn’t scored by the other team I might add!!

He was very nervous, but did it and we’re terribly proud of him … if you can’t tell.  There was some chatter in the crowd when he first got up there because no one knew him, but they knew him after the first pitch flew across the plate for a strike.

IMG_20131012_140016_393 IMG_20131012_140018_488 IMG_20131012_135901_502 IMG_20131012_135919_842


Don’t be frightened

May we introduce the Booono Family!!



Pumpkin Patch Time!!!

Here it is – our annual Pumpkin Patch post from the past and present!

IMG_6491 IMG_6497 IMG_6501 IMG_6506 IMG_6518 IMG_6523 IMG_6542 IMG_6554 IMG_6563 IMG_6582 IMG_6596 IMG_6630 IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6654

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Electronic mania

Daddy & Bradley buried in their electronics early Saturday morning – after they fell asleep downstairs all night.