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Playing in the rain

We have had quite the wet Summer here, so we figured that we might as well embrace it!

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What our boys love

The boys spent a day making Mommy a surprise house decoration called “Our Boys Love” and then I let them choose whatever they wanted to write on it – along with their hand prints.  We were happy that we made Mommy cry ‘happy tears.’  Here is what they listed in apparent order of importance:

RingPops, Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Jesus, God, Baseball, Trees

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Deric’s snack organizer

Deric was very particular about his snack in the hotel room when we went up to see Katie.  I love how he always has his perfect little feet crossed!

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Vacation Bible School

Katie’s Graduation Party

We were lucky enough to make it out to NJ to help Katie celebrate her graduation.  It was great to see her eyes and the boy’s eyes light up when they saw each other.  She continues to be an amazing inspiration to us all!!

Some water pics

We had our first boat trip of the year, caught a ton of fish, and found a little secluded ‘beach’ where we pulled up on shore, had lunch, swam, and skipped rocks.  Then we went on the hunt for crayfish in a little stream and found a few and brought home a bag full of clam shells.  Daddy showed the boys how it doesn’t hurt when you get pinched, and the proceeded to bleed from a pinch!