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Reading in the shade

Caught the boys reading a book under a tree on a cool day and had to take a picture.

Fire Pit

We all worked hard for 2-days and built a little fire pit and broke it in by grilling some chicken.

Scanlon Boys Visit

Jack & Will stopped over for some fun and pizza.

7 Springs Visit

Our annual trek to 7 Springs was fun, but very, very cold this year!

We won the fishing derby by catching 6 fish!!

Absolutely exhausted!!

Playing in the Big League park

Bradley’s team was fortunate enough to be able to play a game at Consol Park (where the Wild Things play).  It was truly a lifetime memory – the fact that we won was icing on the cake!

Hanging with the Scanlon Boys before the game.

B throwing someone out at first.

Ready to be announced.

#2 on your scorecard and #1 in your hearts!!

Deric & Will taking in the game.

Two cuties on the dugout.

Deric running the bases.