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Farm visit

Deric’s class went on a field trip to a local farm, he hung out most of the day with his best buddy Will.

I’m pretty sure …

that I have the BEST wife ever!!  Here she is playing catch with Bradley.

Long day outside

We literally spent an entire day outside on a sunny Sunday.

Sweeping the driveway

Deric helped sweep the driveway and then climbed a tree.

First game of the year

#2 on your score card and #1 in your hearts, Bradley Bono!!!  He had his first baseball game of the year and did great – they won 11-5!  He worked for it and was fortunate to be drafted onto the best team in the league and we are now officially part of the A’s Nation!

Cookie Latta

The Boys love their Cookie Latta!

Soccer Shots

The D-Man had his first taste of organized sports with Soccer Shots at school.  He loved it.

Random Easter Pictures

Our Easter best!!

Deric is REALLY into infinity.

Taking in our annual Easter movie.