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Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the big egg hunt up at school and cleaned up!

Playing with 2 chicks they won.

Coloring Eggs

We started with eggs, but realized balloons were easier!

A quick hike

We took advantage of a beautiful, albeit cold, Sunday and went on a little hike.

Happy Birthday Deric!

Our little boy turned the big 04.  We celebrated in the early AM opening presents and had a lunch party at Chuck-E-Cheese – then Daddy & Deric went to Toys’RUs to spend some of his party money and all he wanted to do was buy stuff for Bradley – what an awesome little guy we have!

Helping Daddy in the Shop

Mommy & Deric surprised Daddy one day and helped him set up a new grinder.

Katie’s Sign

The Boys asked what they could do for Katie as she continues to amaze us all.  So they made up a sign saying just how amazing she is!