Bradley – 1st Overall!!!!

Bradley’s Karate school doesn’t believe in training for competitions, so he has never done one.  He got invited to participate in one and he really wanted to do it, so we went with no expectations except having fun.  Low and behold the Boy wins First overall!!  Board Breaking – 1st, Free Fighting – 1st, Form – 1st, Chicken Fighting – 2nd, Korean Wrestling – 2nd.

He really lit it up in the free fighting and made extremely quick work of three competitors to climb to the top.  Me and Mommy just stood there jaws dropped – we never saw him fight ANYTHING like that before, he was like a wild animal.  The other parents watched just as shocked as their kids got pummeled.  Here is the free fighting video (he’s closest to the camera) and his board break video, click on the links:



Warming up with Brandi and Lauren.

First place performance for his Form – got the judges on their feet.

Pushing hard at Chicken Fighting.

Board Break – highest difficulty – 1st place.

Familiar scene – kids falling down in Bradley’s path.

1st trophy given out – Basketball uniform on, need to be at game in 20 minutes!