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Daddy’s World

I stood there in awe this night as I realized that my entire world fits on the corner of our bed.  I never forget how lucky and blessed I really am.

Bradley – 1st Overall!!!!

Bradley’s Karate school doesn’t believe in training for competitions, so he has never done one.  He got invited to participate in one and he really wanted to do it, so we went with no expectations except having fun.  Low and behold the Boy wins First overall!!  Board Breaking – 1st, Free Fighting – 1st, Form – 1st, Chicken Fighting – 2nd, Korean Wrestling – 2nd.

He really lit it up in the free fighting and made extremely quick work of three competitors to climb to the top.  Me and Mommy just stood there jaws dropped – we never saw him fight ANYTHING like that before, he was like a wild animal.  The other parents watched just as shocked as their kids got pummeled.  Here is the free fighting video (he’s closest to the camera) and his board break video, click on the links:



Warming up with Brandi and Lauren.

First place performance for his Form – got the judges on their feet.

Pushing hard at Chicken Fighting.

Board Break – highest difficulty – 1st place.

Familiar scene – kids falling down in Bradley’s path.

1st trophy given out – Basketball uniform on, need to be at game in 20 minutes!



Lauren’s BDay Party

We’ve become good friends with Lauren’s family from Karate and they invited the boys to a very unique birthday party, where there was rock wall climbing and dancing lessons.  It was very fun.

Stretching out before dance class.

Where’s Daddy?

Bradley and Lauren getting into it.

Deric shut down early – he had enough.

Half way up.

Thirty feet up in the air – he made it!

Bradley’s School Valentine’s Party

Bradley’s first basket ball game

Bradley’s first basket ball game ever – only two kids scored during the game, and Bradley was one of them, and had two baskets!!

Getting ready to leave the house.

They announced the kids one at a time to come through the curtain.

Can’t see him, but this is one of his baskets.

Poor #3 went out of the game crying b/c Bradley wouldn’t leave him alone.

Awesome steal here.

Deric literally slept the entire game away like this.

We love you Katie

Dear Katie,

You reached a special place in our hearts that even Mommy & Daddy can’t get to.  We are so excited to continue to have a string of pictures like this for years and years to come as you fight this battle and win the war.  You are in our prayers and thoughts always – we love you.

Bradley & Deric

Daddy & Deric Day

It was time for a long, long overdue Daddy & Deric Day – we spent it at the Carnegie Science Center and took a class on outer space!

Astronaut bed in the International Space Station.

Posing with his new buddy, R2-D2.

A Cookie constellation – very cool!

Water table was a hit.

Spent A LOT of time at the angular momentum machine.

Biggest Operation game I’ve ever seen!