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Bradley and Deric at Karate

Two cute pics

Deric all smiles at school.

Bradley at lunch w/ Mommy after a Karate test.

Who is happier here?

Can’t see Daddy’s face, but you can just imagine what he is feeling.

Big shot up at night

We decided to give Bradley about 20 minutes at night after we leave his room for him to do whatever he wants to in bed before the light goes off.  Here he is on night one drawing a picture of Tigger for us as a thank-you.  What a fantastically awesome little guy he is!  Notice that Cookie crashed.


Robot Snowman

It’s tough to see in this picture, but we made one heck of a cool robot snowman – broccoli smile and all!!

The Land of Dinosaurs

We went to an extremely cool Dinosaur exhibit with lifelike dinos and then ended the day at Dave & Buster’s (thanks Aunt Michi!).  Long day – the boys fell asleep about an hour early this night.

Quick pic with T-Rex and Mommy.

At Daddy’s favorite, the Ankylosaurus.

Diggin up bones.

Bring it on you big lizard!

Panning for gems.

Falling in the BIG jumping gym.

Riding the dinos.

Ending the day with another quick pic.

Playing a few Christmas games

Jenga & Battleship – Deric was Daddy’s ‘coach’.

Snowfort time!