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Merry Christmas!!

It was absolutely perfect as usual!

Mommy the night before.

The tree the night before.

Bradley woke up at 1:30 and we let him open his stocking.

Poor guy can’t even open his eyes!

Here we go!

Deric loved his real screwdrivers.

The cave tent was a big hit.

Even Daddy was dressed for the Holiday.


Deric’s spaghetti dinner

Deric had a spaghetti dinner at preschool, which was very fun.

Playing in the leaves

Dominic came over to jump in the leaves with the boys.

Deric’s Christmas Concert

We are all proud of Deric for performing so well at his first concert – and enjoyed the cookie party afterwards!

Deric at School

Mommy got to take a few pics of Deric at preschool.

Santa’s Lap

We’ve become convinced over the past few years that we are fortunate enough to have the real Santa local to us.  This guy is the best and the line can be several hours long just to see him, so we make a point to get there early.

Cecil Festival

We’ve been going to this for a few years now, very fun but only got a few pictures.