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Marble Racer

Our neighbor, Wava, got the boys gift certificates to Toys ‘R Us for getting her mail while she was visiting her daughter in Seattle.  Deric picked out the coolest toy ever – a marble racer.

Deric’s Road Rally

Deric had his Road Rally at preschool and he did awesome and finished 15 laps!

Plotting up a strategy with Daddy the night before.

Pre-race preparations.

It’s tough in the pits!

Who has the best smile!

Deric’s first day of Pre School

Look out Small Steps – here comes Deric!

Wake up!!

Learning how to wear a back pack.

Our 2 perfect Boys.

Documenting the occasion.

Please don’t go!!

Not so sure about this.

This isn’t so bad.

A little surprise cake.

Rounding the day out.

High School Football!

The Boy’s got their first taste of high school football as we watched our Lions roar to a 42-6 victory.  Bradley wants to go again, Deric … not so much, but man he looks cute in this picture!

South Fayette Proud!


Always a good time…

Labor Day party

We got invited to a big party at Lauren’s house for Labor Day, but the Boys decided to stay out front and play with Lauren and Brandi the entire time.


Benihana Celebration

We got to take Brandi out for her Black Belt celebration – it was the first time any of the kids ever went to a place like this, so it was a big surprise and very fun for them!