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First Grade for Bradley

Amazing how things are flying by.  Deric got real glum when Bradley got on the bus and said “this is going to be a bad day without Wawa here.”

The bus was still in view and Mom was already crying.

Deric is just happy Wawa is home!

Cedar Point

We had a great time at Cedar Point for a few days..

Here come the Bono’s!

Can we sit down for just one minute?

Hanging out in the room during a brief rain storm.

Mom was a trooper on a lot of rides.

Daddy & Bradley snuck out after everyone fell asleep.

I wish you could hear Mommy screaming!

Lunchtime at the saloon.

Love you Snoopy.

Karaoke in front of a big crowd.

Mom’s Family Reunion

Great as usual.

Hanging out in the hotel before the reunion.

I love my Daddy!!

You’re winning Mommy!

All the younger cousins.

Their beloved Katie.

Just about everyone.

Learning about lily pads.

Deric & Ireland really get along great.

Home Depot

We built bulletin boards at Home Depot’s workshop.

Lemonade Here!!!

The boys on an entrepreneurial venture, which they were quite successful at – Deric yelled “Lemonade ” at the top of his lungs at each and every car that went past.


Two nice pictures from a recent outing at Raccoon Creek.


We went on our first Geocaching expedition and were successful.

Brotherly Love

Do they fight, sure they do.  Do they love each other – you can bet your last dollar on it!

Getting closer

Mommy & Bradley are getting ever closer to their Black Belt.  Ms. Michelle got these pictures for us as Master Nam awards them their Red Belts.  Out of the 15 people that started in their class, there are only 3 remaining.  We love you and are very proud!