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Kite flying

For some reason, we always struggle with kites – we were somewhat successful this day.

Early Father’s Day Presents

Daddy had to be at a show the weekend before Father’s Day and came back Sunday evening to a surprise party.  Here are some of my goodies.

Fionna the pig

A local pet store has a pig living in it and the boys are always asking to go see her.  They don’t quite believe that Daddy used to raise pigs!

Living in the tall grass

I always promised Donna that we’d make it someday!

Another T-Ball season down

A couple of nice shots from the last game – Daddy gave up his coaching duties for the day to get pictures of everyone in action.

Waiting for his pitch

Got a double off this one - love the face!

The whole team with Coach Geo

We're all riding Bradley's coat tails!

What to play with

Bradley got a little overwhelmed one day and couldn’t decide whether to play with his marshmallow launcher, his Thor outfit, or Wii – so he simply combined them.  Very efficient!

Two (too?) quick cute shots

Peanut snack for our little Peanut

Deric and Daddy take a break and share some fresh peanuts.

A little hike

We came across a nice little bench while on a recent hike.

Fishing trip

Headed out to Cross Creek for some bluegill action – lots of quantity, but no quality.


Deric’s Backpack

We got one of those animal backpacks with a leash on it when Bradley was little and have never used it for either kid, so we took off the leash so Deric could have his own backpack, and as you can see, he loves it.