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Working hard or hardly working?

Meadowcroft Rockshelter

We recently found out that the oldest documented form of civilization in North America (from 16,000 years ago!) is only about 30 minutes from our house, so we went over to check it out.  It was incredible and held ALL of our interest for several hours.  Highly recommend it to anyone.  Lots of pictures, but it was a long day (Bradley & Daddy even snuck out to a Wild Things baseball game afterwards).

Had to stop and study this woodpecker tree

Learning about old Indian tools and tricks

Drilling holes with a bow drill

Deric got in on the action too

They were both really intense all day

Daddy showing off his ancient archery skills

Deric spotted a D in the Rockshelter

Rockshelter in the background

Preaching in the outdoor church

A quick shot at the covered bridge

Bradley was really into the blacksmith

Deric taking notes in the old school house

Learning from ... Daddy?

School's out!!

Playing with the Wii of the day

Finally, rounding out our marathon day at the ball park


That’s one way to eat ice cream

International Children’s Festival

Made our annual voyage to the ICF and had a great time as usual.  Our ‘big thing’ to do this year was this enormous 100-yard long colorful labyrinth, that took us about 30 minutes to make it through, very cool, but pictures came out terrible on the phone.  And then being the gluttons for punishment that we are, we headed over to the museum to round out an exhausting day!

Crazy maze!

Banging on pots & pans

A little rock climbing

Enormous marble table that Deric stayed at for an hour

Both the boys played tennis

Our scavenger hunt at the museum

The hunt continues

Finish the day off with an art project

Hired Guns

Bradley got some water guns for his birthday and they were pretending that they were detectives protecting Mommy from the bad guys.

Handyman for Hire

Deric is such a helper around the house that he has his own work belt as you can see.  We’re installing a new light downstairs here – a half hour job took about two-hours thanks to Daddy’s little helper!

First garden harvest

Nonno couldn’t believe that we were already harvesting lettuce out of the garden earlier this week – so we had to put some pictures up.  The first picture also shows the boys mulching the beans, which is great – except the mulch consisted of onions ripped up from the other side of the garden!

Planting some fruit trees

Mommy, Daddy and Deric planted a few fruit trees in the back yard.

Turning six with some kicks

Bradley had a birthday party at karate for his friends.  Everyone had a great time and got to break boards, which was extremely cool for them.  And Bradley got to do a flying side kick board break in front of everyone and nailed it!  And Mom got the cool picture of it below.  Other than Master Nam yelling at one of the mom’s for wearing shoes on his mat, it couldn’t have been better.

Happy Birthday Bradley

Here are some (ok a lot) of shots from Bradley’s party with just us and then with some other family members.

Visit from Braden

Mary Beth and Braden stopped over for a visit and all the boys seemed to have a grand old time.