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Watering dirt

Deric wanted to water some dirt in case there were seeds in there somewhere.

Bradley the Engineer

Daddy likes to do mad scientist stuff at night after the boys go to bed and Bradley always wants to know what’s going on, so we let him stay up late on a Friday and help out.  It’s not terribly important what we’re doing, but it’s a memory Daddy wanted to archive – along with the detailed records you were keeping.

Brown Belts!!

We’re so proud of Mommy and Bradley officially becoming an ‘upper belt’.  They just passed their brown belt tests.

Catching butterflies

Daddy caught Mommy and the boys running around the yard trying to catch butterflies.

Cowboy Deric

Deric in his cowboy garb.  I don’t even think Billy The Kid would mess with someone snarling like this – now Billy Idol may have an issue with it!

Santa in April

Deric was pretending that he was Santa one day and taking early orders for Christmas.

Coloring eggs

They boys showing off some of their Easter eggs.

School egg hunt

We went to Bradley’s school egg hunt and had a blast – Deric ended up winning a HUGE green frog by finding a special egg.

Happy Easter

We did our usual and stayed home on Easter Sunday – it started out early with the opening of the Easter baskets.

And then outside to find the eggs that got hidden overnight.

And then off to the movies – saw The Lorax this year.

And finally Easter dinner – complete with a bunny cake!

Easter best

The Bono’s all dressed up before church on Easter.

Working on the tractor

Daddy’s nemesis (our tractor) broke down again and he had to call in Deric to help diagnose the problem.