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Happy St. Pat’s

Mommy had the boys all decked out in green.

Painting the bird house

The boys wanted to paint our old bird house.  They decided on approximately the loudest red possible – so we ran with it.

Deric wore out

The D-Man was extremely active this one day and must have had three changes of clothes and was into moving his chair all around the house.  He got so tired that he asked Daddy to lay on the couch and watch TV.

Happy Birthday Deric

We celebrated quietly at home as usual.  And in the true Deric Anthony fashion of bucking the system (and season) , he decided that he wanted a Halloween theme, so we ran with it.

Sitting on Daddy’s hand

Daddy used to sit like this for hours on Nanna’s hands and the boys now do it once in a while – brings back nice memories for Daddy.

Bradley’s first ‘friend visit’

Bradley’s little buddy, Alla Edine, stopped over for a couple of hours after school the other day – his first visit.  Mommy said that they had a blast and hid in Bradley’s room for most of the time to play Star Wars.

Computer Nerd

We’re just starting to introduce Deric to the wonders of the computer.

Hot Cocoa

Hey Deric, would you like some hot chocolate with your marshmallows??

Visit from Kathleen

Kathleen stopped over while in from Scotland and we learned that she is moving to Canada soon – so hopefully we’ll get to see her more often and be able to visit her as well.  I know the boys sure would love it!

New boat?

The boys picked out a new boat at the outdoor show, and it was only $40k.

Sasquatch Fever Continues

The boys aren’t ready to throw in the towel yet.