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Hunting Sasquatch

We didn’t realize that certain members of our family were Squatchers – in fact we didn’t eve know what it meant until we went in for Breezy’s birthday.  But we sure had fun doing it.

Here is most of the gang at Aunt Von’s house.

We didn’t even get in our house when we got home and the boys wanted to hunt in our yard, so we went exploring and found some big footprints and and old skull – what treasures!

Visiting Nonno

We always try to get in early so the boys can spend time with Nonna and Nonno – here they are eating pecans and playing Battleship.

Climbing trees

It’s a little easier when they’re on the ground!

Pizza in the boat

The boys have been helping Daddy rewire the boat over the past couple of weeks and we decided to order pizza one night and surprise Mommy with a picnic in the garage.  I underestimated just how excited they would be!

Playground time

The warm weather let us sneak out to the playground one afternoon.

Fixing the shed

Deric and Daddy fixing the shed door.

Bradley’s new ride

Bradley took advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having and took his new bike out for a spin.


What to do on a cold winter’s day?

What else, make fresh squeezed orange juice and chocolate pudding!!

A tent inside?

Well for a few days anyway.