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Meatball Mania

Mommy and Deric went nuts one day and made a ton of meatballs – but no one minded.

Cute Deric Pictures

Here’s a collection of the D-Man!

Welcome to KISS Nation!

Mr. Ed and his boy Avery got Bradley into KISS so he and Mommy dressed up and were rocking around the house when Daddy surprised them with a camera.  Mommy was a great sport – I love that woman!

Some random shots

Deric doing some renovations.

The Boy’s working on a Seek’nFind book together.

Deric and Cookie have been bonding much more lately – I think it might be because he hasn’t tried to drag her around the house by her head recently.

Bradley made us stay in bed one morning so that he could make us breakfast for the first time.  Mine was Coco Puffs with cookies and chocolate milk.  He was very neat and didn’t spill anything – we loved it.

Deric the Artist

The D Man doing some art and then the Boy’s giving Daddy a big ‘ol hug!

Dr. Zombie – yuck!!

This was one of the gifts that Bradley wanted most – not sure it tasted quite like he had hoped.

Merry Christmas!!

We literally had a perfect Christmas this year, to the point we wondered how it could ever get better – not one of us got out of our PJ’s all day!

How early did you get up for Christmas?

We got done with the presents around midnight and were enjoying some Christmas wine downstairs when we heard a ruckus at 1:30 as Bradley started screaming that Santa came already.  So we let him open his stocking and one present before we all went back to bed – certainly a moment we’ll never forget.

Making Christmas Cookies