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Christmas Eve with Mr. Dave

Mr. Dave stopped over for a bite to eat on Christmas Eve and the boys latched onto him as usual.  And they celebrated Christmas like everyone else in the world and dressed up as super heroes.


Who’s the cutest Santa? It’s a tie!

Gingerbread Houses

Our annual excursion into G-Man houses.

Christmas at Nonno’s

Christmas at Grandma Aud’s

Christmas Concert

Bradley had his first concert at South Fayette, we went out for ice cream afterward to celebrate.



Deric appears to be appeasing us by playing such a childish game as Bingo.

Tree Trimming

Here are the Boy’s putting decorations on our upstairs tree.  LOVE the bottom picture!

Firehouse Tour

We bought a tree at our fire hall and they took the boys for a big tour of the trucks – pretty cool.

While Bradley was more interested in pulling the string and hearing the bell ring,

Deric was far more interested in learning how pulling that simple string made the bell ring.

Deric’s new bed

The men of the house putting together Deric’s Big Boy Bed.

Our first real Christmas tree

Here we are decorating our first real Christmas tree ever.  We tucked it in a corner downstairs and left our standard fake one upstairs.