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Fireman Bradley

Bradley at Fireman Day at school.

Art Time!!

Daddy’s new boat?

Mommy and Deric drew up a new boat for Daddy – looks like it has a big sail.

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Here it is – our favorite (and by far longest) post of the year; where we reflect a bit on how very fast our little boys are growing up.

Pizza Day

Mommy and the Boys made pizza instead of delivery.

Early pumpkin work

We got into the spirit a bit early this year.

Working at the computer

Our little computer nerd.

Reading Lessons

Bradley passing the light of knowledge on to his younger brother.

Lounging Around

The boys taking a quick break together.


Crazy Masks

Perhaps slightly creepy looking, but the boys decided to make their own masks – Deric looks like he’s fixing to rob a bank.

Choo Choo

Our friend Mr. Dave gave the boys a huge train set, we can’t even fit it in our garage.