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Making pudding

The boys made some chocolate pudding, but it never made it out of the mixing bowl.

Innocent Drinks

The boys thought they were pulling one over on us by taking their drinks and then running around the corner and squirting each other with them.  After they took their third drink, we figured it out – and got some cute pictures in the process.  The bottom picture could win an award.

Happy Anniversary

A quick shot of Mommy’s flowers.

A few karate pictures

Bradley got an award for his great school marks from Master Nam.

And a nice action shot.

Bradley’s treasure box

Bradley found a ‘treasure box’ that Nonno and Daddy made about 30-years ago and wanted it, so we cleaned it up and painted it.

He decided to paint his model airplane while we were at it.

Cute snack picture

I don’t have too many single-picture posts, but this one is cute enough to warrant it.

Deric the Baker

Mommy and Deric made biscotti to take over to some friends we were getting ready to visit and Deric helped with the flour as usual.

Deric under the weather

Deric was feeling a little off the other day and literally had Daddy hold him for about 3-hours straight – not that Daddy minded.

Yard Work

Bradley was going to give Daddy a hand pushing the wheelbarrow down the yard, but decided that a ride sounded a little funner.

One Cutie Pootootie!!