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Our little entrepreneur

Bradley decided to satisfy his entrepreneurial itch and start a soccer ball washing business (totally his choice).  He made some signs and we put them in the front yard along with the price.  And what does this service cost you ask?  A mere $180 per ball.  I think he’s focusing on the low volume, high margin market.

Pasta time again

The boys do more and more each time we make pasta – tried some oatmeal flour this time … not the best, but we’re not giving up on it yet.

First day of school!!

Well, it finally arrived – Bradley’s first day of Kindergarten.  It felt like the school literally ripped him out of our arms.  But he did great and loved it.  We’re so proud of you Buddy!!

Deric was devastated that he couldn’t go with “Brarah”.

Mommy held it together long enough to see her son off.

We said good-bye and then looked at each other with tears in our eyes.  A day we’ll never forget.

We were all there to welcome our hero home.

Happy to be home

We asked Bradley what he wanted to do when we got home – and all he wanted was a home cooked meal.  In fact he even pitched in to help make it and set the table.

Visit with Jessica

We stopped over to see Mommy’s friend Jessica on the way home from vacation.

Jessica showing Bradley some Wii tricks.

Bradley, Tessa, Deric and Chloe.

Jessica gave Deric a cupcake for the road to help with the 5-hour trip.

Family visits

We got to visit with just about all of Mommy’s family out there.

Bradley and Deric both discovered pinball this week.

Deric playing bag toss after the big kids were done.

Deric, James and the one and only “Lilly Lulu”.

Bradley and his dolls Sara and Emily.

Uncle Rob got the entire gang into a baseball game.

All the young ‘uns gathered up at Aunt Sue’s.


We were lucky enough to have Katie spend a night with us, and as expected, Bradley was in pure heaven.

Not sure she is used to this type of greeting!

One of the many Katie/Bradley moments.

We caught Katie right as she and Daddy realized that their big fruit plates were prepared with onions – yuck!  Bradley stared at her like this for two solid days.

Stuck like glue as usual.

This is about the time Bradley realized that she was going to leave soon – very, very sad.

Off to the beach

We started out at the beach.

Here’s Deric lining up our itinerary.

Mommy and Bradley playing football at the beach.

And Deric preferred playing in the sand.

Bono Family Vacation

We finally got to take a few days and take a great family vacation.

It started with a stop at Idlewild on the way to the beach.