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Quick fishing trip

We all ran out for a quick fishing trip and happened to catch a few pictures, but not any fish this time.

Slip’n Slide

Every kid needs one of these and ours are no exception.  Bradley couldn’t get enough of it, but Deric didn’t like it.

Nonno’s Driveway

We went in for Brennan’s birthday and as always, everyone loves Nonno’s driveway – we even caught Mommy getting in on the action!

Fountain Break

We ran over to the South Side for lunch and a quick run through the fountain, although Deric didn’t care for it at all.

Deric’s first hair cut

We finally had to break down and get Deric’s hair cut – it is so bitter sweet as we feel like we just lost our baby and gained a handsome young boy.

Here is the before shot.

Getting buckled in.

The first cut!!

He didn’t move a muscle the entire time – just his eyes kept looking around.

Baseball Picnic

We had Bradley’s end of year baseball picnic recently.

First off, Deric had a blast as usual.

Bradley getting his MVP medal from Coach Geo.

And his trophy.

Here is a shot of the co-MVP’s – it’s worth noting that Bradley was the youngest on the team (by 2-years!) and the co-MVP, Nick, was the oldest.

Building cabins

Anyone can build Lincoln Logs up into something, but our kid can do it in a horizontal fashion, with every single piece placed with great care and determination.  Then we built a fort with chairs and relaxed on the couch with an apple.

Deric’s Karate Initiation

Mommy snuck Deric into their class real early one day to let Deric try his hands (and feet) at Tang Soo Do – we definitely have a Grand Master in the making.

Starting off warming up with jumping jacks.

And pushups.

And finally some stretches.

Getting a benchmark for how high Deric can front kick.

Bradley and his buddy getting serious instruction from Master Nam.

A fiercer ninja you will never see.

Keep working hard young grasshopper!



Indoors obstacle course

The Boy’s got just about every chair we own to build some type of convoluted course that only they could navigate.  And I love Deric’s flowing hair in the last shot.