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Deric and Daddy Fishing

This was Daddy and Deric’s first solo outing, we were hard at it for about 15 minutes and then moved onto throwing rocks and playing in puddles – and we both loved it!

Corn on the cob

Our first of the year.

Baseball game

We snuck out to a Wild Things game and Bradley was able to get a foul ball!

Fishing on the boat

It was Deric’s first time out and we caught fish on almost every cast, and you’ll even see a double header below!

Camping Out

Daddy and Bradley tried to camp out in the backyard to see if he liked it enough to do it for real.  We made it until 10:00 and then he wanted to go in and see Mommy and we didn’t make it back out – so we’ll see.

Bradley’s school play

Bradley’s class put on a show for the end of the year – they were awesome!

Seven Springs

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Seven Springs and had a blast.

We started off the vacation with the parents visiting for our annual seafood buffet and shooting some trap.

Bradley was SO into put-put, I never played so many times in my entire life.

We had to bring our gloves so that we could play baseball in the room.  Deric’s body gets just about as contorted as it could possibly get when he throws a ball.

The Alpine Slide is always a big hit.

Party leftovers for Daddy

Bradley couldn’t wait to get in the door to show me what he brought me from his school pizza party that he made his poor teacher wrap up in plastic wrap – it was a chewed up part of a cookie and two pieces of pepperoni, of which he ate one.  Thanks Buddy!!