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After much trouble (including the wind blowing it into the neighbor’s yard), the playground is finally up!

We had to dance between the raindrops to get mulch put down – love Bradley’s rain suit.

Bradley was so tired and muddy at the end of the day – I don’t think he even realized that he was going to the wrong house.

Moving shale

Daddy had some help filling in a french drain with 7 tons of shale.

Fruit Salad

Deric was in charge of scooping out the cantaloupe and then it was lunch time.

New picnic table

Aunt Catherine got the boys a new picnic table for their birthdays and we tried it out one day – pretty nice!

Room for Two

Not sure how much longer our couch will be wide enough for the boys side-by-side.

Bradley and Cookie

New ice cream flavor

Our first delve into Cookies & Cream, we think the Boys liked it.

Deric’s Big Boy Cup

Deric had his first drink from a big boy cup and there is no looking back!