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First Karate Test

Both Mommy and Bradley passed their first karate test and moved up a belt!

Doing an outside-in kick – Bradley is right in front of Mommy.

Mommy breaking her board under the watchful eyes of Master and Grand Master Nam.

Tough to see, but Bradley tackling his own board.

Jones the Squirrel

The Boys adopted a squirrel and named him Jones, and Deric will look at it for an hour – you can sort of make it out in the yard in the second picture as Deric tries to mimic the face it is making.

Breaking boards and taking names

Mommy and Bradley showing off their first broken boards.

Happy Birthday Deric

Happy Birthday Buddy – we love you!!

Really loved this hippo flashlight.

This chainsaw sounds great but doesn’t cut worth a hoot!

And close the day with a basketball cake, yummy!

Cute toes

The boys sitting on their new bench showing off their too cute toes.

Snack drawer found!

Quick trip to the park

We snuck out on a cold Sunday to Cross Creek for a few hours.

Homemade pasta

I think this is the first time we made pasta in our new kitchen, we’ll be doing it much more I’m sure.

Go Go Power Rangers

Bradley the Wizard

Matching Red Chairs

Deric is finally ready for his own big red chair – not sure how happy that makes son #1.