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Granola explosion

The boys took a stab at making a batch of granola – not sure they get the concept of what a mixing bowl is for yet.

Ninja Warriors

The cutest and fiercest ninjas together at last!!

A (bicycle) built for two

Leave it to our boys’ imagination to turn a new rug into a night of fun!

Deric the artist

Pumpkin bread with Mommy

The Boys whipped up a batch of pumpkin bread with Mommy one cold day.

Here’s Bradley testing some of the ingredients.

Where’s our bread!!

And the final product – yummy!

A teacher and his student

Bradley providing very clear, logical directions to Deric.

Now what in the world am I supposed to do again?

Scobby Doo

We went to a restaurant where they must have been changing out the toys in the claw game because an old timer gave Deric & Bradley each their choice of stuffed animals.

First real snow

We finally had a snow big enough to get the sled out.

Bradley’s perfect snow angel.

We had to literally drag Deric back in the house when it got dark.

Quick Family Shot

Favortie Presents

Bradley said that his favorite was his Super Mario shirt, but he seemed to really like his Explorer too.

Deric’s favorite seemed to be this riding toy.