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Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

Daddy’s Done

Three hours of sleep, a drill in my head, a circular saw in my arm, Bradley on my lap, and Cookie on my chest, was too much to handle I guess.

Christmas Breakfast

Mommy & Deric made us French Toast for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

All is quiet late on Christmas Eve.

Santa left some magic dust and footprints on the floor.

All is not so quiet anymore.

Thanks Mommy!  Love ya!

Santa’s Little Helpers.

Mr. Dave Visits

Mr. Dave came over on Christmas Eve for a light dinner before the night’s activities set in.  Bradley was in heaven.

Breakfast with Santa

We had our annual Breakfast With Santa at the zoo – but we broke our camera before we could catch Santa.  Here are some shots beforehand.

This was the first year that Bradley didn’t make us sit down with him at the animal show – made us very sad, but proud.

Deric got in on the action a little this year.

A quick pose by the tree.

First solo tooth brushing

We’ve been getting Bradley’s tooth brush ready for him all along – we decided that it was time for him to tackle it on his own, and he passed with flying colors.  He said that it would be easier when we get our mirror up.

Decorating the tree

Bradley gets up high,

and Deric gets down low.

Budding Chefs

Here are the boys mixing up a batch of chili.

Bradley’s room

The Boy’s were oddly fascinated by a new rug we put in Bradley’s room.

And here is Bradley showing off some of his Star Wars collection.

Sharing wisdom

We can pick up so much from our grandparents – like playing poker?

Had to add this one too, love Deric’s face and how his little hands are holding onto Grandma Audrey.