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Curious Geroge

Mommy & Bradley went out on a date to see Curious George Live and had a blast.  Man I love seeing him so happy.

Hotel visit

Mommy & the Boys came down to WV to visit Daddy for a night.

Bradley relaxing before Daddy got there.

Deric getting in position to hide so he could surprise Daddy when he came through the door.

Daddy’s here!  Then we went swimming but didn’t get any pictures.  Then Bradley and Daddy went to the bar for some ice cream and cake while Mommy put Deric to bed.  We were a hit and all sorts of people came up and talked with us.

Bathroom update

We’re getting closer!

Pumpkin Seeds

Bradley wanted to roast pumpkin seeds this year, so we gave it shot – turned out pretty tasty.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Daddy & Deric set up a big party surprise for Mommy while she was out with Bradley.  We love you Mommy!!

Happy Halloween!

What a blast we had this year!  Batman and Robin made out pretty good you will see.

Robin in mid-flight.

Deric tasting his first ever candy bar.

Look at Bradley’s face here!

Our little mathematician

Call me a nerd, engineer, or proud Papa – but I couldn’t help but take some pictures of Bradley conquering his first chart exercises.   He went from not even understanding the directions to telling me that he didn’t need my help in about two minutes flat.