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Deric’s milkshake

We surprised Deric with his very own milkshake and he ran into a corner to hide and drink it.


Bradley has always liked SpiderMan, and Deric was all smiles when we surprised him with his own Spidey PJ’s.

First Bath

Although the bathroom isn’t quite done, we finally got to initiate our new tub.  The boys seem to love it.

Building a closet

Daddy was finishing up a closet that we built into our bedroom and had some help this day.

It’s a little crowded with all 3 of us in there.

Deric trying out the drill.

Uh oh – the inspector found a mark on the new wall (of course he put it there).

Deric looks exhausted after a hard day’s work.

Circus Time!!

We didn’t get a lot of pictures, but we hit the Ringling Bros. Circus when they were in town.  It was awesome – although somehow Deric managed to fall asleep for a bit – he woke up when the lady got shot out of a canon.  Notice Bradley’s earplugs in the second picture.

Cardboard motorcycle

Bradley and Deric turned a box of mandarin oranges into a makeshift motorcycle.

Bradley’s truck

Uncle Mike gave us Patrick’s old truck and Bradley (and Deric) love it.

Paving the driveway

Here are some shots we took while they were paving our driveway.

The day started off cold and foggy.

Bradley liked the steam roller the most.

Deric spent most of the day watching over the workers, they had a good time with him.

Mommy & Deric posing for a quick cute shot.


Daddy and the Boys getting the tractor ready for the winter season.

Learning about snap rings.

Deric and Bradley taking a hand at putting lug nuts on.

Bathroom night lite

Mr. Jeff came up with an awesome idea for a bathroom night lite – we hid a rope light under the vanity.  The boys are absolutely in awe of it.  Look at Deric’s face!!

Miscellaneous shots

In this first one, Deric likes to line up and throw himself backward as hard as he can and then we catch him; it’s pretty darn scary for us!