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Gradma Aud’s Visit

Mommy and the boys spent a weekend in Johnstown while Daddy put in a tile floor at home.

Aunt Tammy, Uncle Jimmy and Cameron stopped over.

Love Deric’s “Where is Deric?” look here with Aunt Catherine.

Dusty was a hit as usual.

Nonno and Nanna stopped over for a visit and supper.

Bradley wasn’t tired, honest.

Deric’s Hideaway

Deric found this little nook that only he can fit in downstairs and he loves to hang out there.

Dripping drinking cup

Not sure who is the real cause for the soaked shirt here.

Inspector Deric

Let me check on the work here.

Oh, boy – I’m not liking what I see.

Let me put this in terms you can understand Daddy.

Hanging on the couch

Tape measuring machine

Deric can literally spend an hour measuring just about everything he can reach.

Blind leading the blind?

Scrub a dub dub,

all that’s in our bathroom is a tub!

Bills, bills, bills

I keep running the numbers Daddy and I don’t think we have enough to finish the house!

Our backyard

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – well, this is why we bought our house.