D-Man and BB having a jam session.

D-Man rocking out

To BB & D, I fell off the cliff with keeping up with posts here, sorry, no excuses. Here’s D trying out some electric guitars.

Bradley and Calvin

We absolutely fell in love with Calvin this year on the Red Wings.  Here he is sharing his thoughts on the new pitcher before Bradley gets up to bat (Calvin is 2-years older than Bradley, so B listens intently, you can see it in his eyes).


2015 Red Wings Season is over

Thank you Coach Barton and everyone on the 2015 Red Wings team for a great season and for accepting Bradley as your youngest player (#1 in this pic). It was a great learning experience that will propel him to even greater life experiences I’m sure. I personally learned that baseball is about much, much more than the game. Seeing kids 2-years older than him accept and encourage him without question or hesitation all season was truly touching and will stay with him for a lifetime.


Deric is his team’s ambassador

If I’m half as unique and awesome as Deric is, I’m doing pretty darn good!




Bradley’s team wins championship!!

BB’s team won the South Fayette championship by winning out their last 5 games of the year!!



Chess Lessons

The D-Man has been really getting into chess lately and has surpassed Dad’s knowledge base, so we decided to try official lessons from a Grand Master, this was Deric’s first one, seemed to enjoy it and hammered through his homework with no problems.


Rain, Rain go away

We have been getting hammered lately with rain, and the Boys just couldn’t take it anymore, so we decided to just make the best of it!

IMG_8855 IMG_8859 IMG_8867 IMG_8871

First Red Wings Tournament

What a blast we had, players and parents really bonded and came together.  We had a strong showing, but didn’t come away with a trophy.  The little guys (Deric and Will) were so good, had to grab a few pics of them.  We failed at getting actual game pictures, but we’ll get better next time!



Happy Birthday Bradley

We had a pretty cool birthday for Bradley, we celebrated quickly at home on Saturday and then we were off to Cleveland for the weekend for a Red Wings tournament where the team celebrated with him.  Love how excited he was when he opened up his KD’s.  We love you so much buddy!!




Sneaking in some BP

It has been so wet this Spring, that we had to sneak in some BP in the driveway, and found a Scanlan ball in our bucket from last year.  I really love this picture!